Friday, August 13, 2010

Starry Night

I woke up aroud 4:00 this morning, needing to pee.  I remembered it was the peak night for the Perseid meteor shower so I stumbled out onto the deck to check it out.  The sky was clear and within a few minutes I had seen 2 shooters, one of good size, so I wandered back inside, grabbed the camping mats and a couple of sheets and whispered softly to David. "Come with me and bring the pillows."  He grumbled but staggered out onto the porch with me and helped make our little pallet.  We lay there watching the sky and chatting, soaking up the brilliance of all those stars.  We said to each other "How long has it been since we looked up at the stars?"  Too long.  The night sounds were all around us, barred owls called, the chickens were clucking and murmuring up on the farm, coyotes howled off in the distance, a fox barked down at the pond.  Around 4:30 we heard the bassets sound their alarm as our neighbor headed out to start milking the cows.  We saw several more shooting stars before we dropped back to sleep and the next thing we knew it was morning, but what a delightful interlude that was, snuggling together in the coolish night air, taking in the vastness of the universe.

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