Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer starts with a sizzling hot yarrow

Yarrow "Paprika"

You gotta love Yarrow, it blooms long and re-blooms if you cut it back.  This new variety Paprika is especially nice, it starts out a hot red with yellow centers and then fades slowly to an orangey-pink and finishes an antique pale apricot color. It does better with some support, we've got it growing up through a piece of fencing and that helps hold it upright so it doesn't flop over.  Its only been open for a week or so and should continue on for at least 3 weeks more.  As it fades the daylilies will fill in in front of it.

It's Memorial Day, what I consider to be the political start of summer, as opposed to the summer solstice which would be the astronomical, and for me, true start of summer.  I reckon I should have tried to throw myself into a body of water somewhere but didn't want to leave the place.  So instead I stuck my head under the hose after I finished mowing the grass in preparation for croquet tonight.  I contemplated shucking down and playing in the chilly well water for a bit but opted to come on inside and take a cool shower.

Our best buds are coming over to drink gin and tonics and knock the croquet balls around the yard. We'll be firing up the grill for some pork tenderloin and I slow cooked some baked beans last night that I'll reheat.  A big green salad with fresh beets, the last of the sugar snap peas and some baby carrots and fennel all fromt he garden will round out the meal.  I'm looking forward to it. 

This brings May to a close, I only managed 8 posts instead of a post a day, but hey, 8 is better than none. 

Here's where I pledge to more writing in June, we'll see what happens.

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C. Kay said...

Sounds like a perfect start to June ~ friends, gin and tonics and croquet!! xo