Friday, June 11, 2010

Tween Seasons

There are two young bunnies hanging around the yard and though I know they are going to be nothing but trouble, I can’t help myself, I’ve started calling them Flopsy and Mopsy. They are entirely too cute and its going to be a problem I know. Already we have the parents cruising around, I took a shot at one a few weeks back but missed, the folks are big enough to eat and we’ve been contemplating the possibilities of rabbit fricassee. But the babies are too small to eat, too cute to kill, even when I spotted one with a portulaca flower in its little mouth the other day, all I could think was, I wish I could pick you up and scratch you between the ears.…

As we sat outside eating supper the other night, a young red shouldered hawk swooped in and landed on a cedar post where birds perch near the feeders, no more than 10 feet from us, he was completely unfazed by our presence, we imagined he was looking for the little rabbits, they often hide in the flower beds beneath the feeders.
This is a new hydrangea we planted last year, its called Lady in Red, the stems are red but the flowers aren’t at all, guess we need to add something to the soil. It’s a pretty plant all the same and I prefer lace caps over the big round headed ones.

Yesterday I harvested 80 heads of garlic, right on time as the last 3 heads from last year were getting dried out and sprouting. I think I had 60 heads last year but they were larger than this year so it should work out about right. I’m starting to harvest the onions now too, about 30 small purple ones came out yesterday and the whites and yellows will be next. They are better than last years but I’m not sure I’ll ever have onions again like the ones we grew in 2008.

The garden is looking really good thanks to the rains we’ve been having, its transition time, pulled out the lettuce and bok choy and mustard yesterday and will be harvesting the rest of the kale soon too, the cabbage loopers are getting to be too troublesome.

Beans, squash and cukes got planted late so we’ll have a bit of a lull between the spring and summer crops but that’s OK, still have lots of beets and carrots to eat and the chard is coming on nicely now. I’m glad to be finished with the craziness of spring planting and to have a little time to relax before the big summer harvest and tomato madness begins. We’ve been picking a few sungold cherries but it’s going to be July before we see a big red one. I eagerly wait.

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