Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nest in Pocket

Beware of leaving your clothes hanging on the line too long

Wrens are notorious for building nests anywhere, anytime.  We believe it is compulsive behavior on their part.  The other day I noticed movement behind a fitted sheet I had hung to dry.  They were bringing leaves and putting them in the elastic pocket formed in the edge of the sheet.   We have found nests in plastic bags, under towels draped over chairs, in large pots on the patio, in the sleeve of a jacket.  This one was in the pocket of some shorts that were left on the line over night. 

The nest removed, a fair piece of work for 24 hours


C. Kay said...

Funny wrens! Great to see you back in writing mode and always delighted to see the garden pictures. Dance me a jig!!!

Garden Girl said...

Hooray and thanks for reading!
Eggplants are waiting for you ...

Randy Emmitt said...

Last week Meg put a pillow case out one that opens in the middle. That evening it had twice the debris you show in your pocket, amazing.