Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Veggie Patch Update

A couple of recent views of the veg garden reveal plenty to eat and lots still to come.  Here looking to the southwest strawberries in the foreground have just played out but this tiny patch yielded well over a gallon including the grand finale of strawberry shortcake for a dinner party of ten. Lots of onions are growing along, they should start to swell soon as the days approach their longest in June. To the right is the garlic, 60 heads to be harvested in about 6 weeks. I'm down to 4 of the 60 heads from last year so I think that worked out pretty well.  Towards the back of the photo stellar stands of black kale, beets, turnips, carrots and peas on the fences, all of whch we've been eating recently.
Looking from the west end of the garden east.  Near the wooden fence are 13 hills of summer and winter squash and canteloupes. On the trellis are just sprouting cucumbers and Garden of Eden pole beans.  Beyond that a shade structure protecting the salad mix from the heat and sun.  To the left of that a second planting of beets and carrots and swiss chard to take us through the summer. In the far distance, the asparagus rows are going to fern after 6 weeks of harvest and past them out of site are the tomatoes and peppers.  Still have some summer stuff to plant, purple hull peas, okra and more beans including snap and shelling.  But I'm getting close to having the garden tucked in for the next seasons round of harvesting, eating and preserving.

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