Sunday, May 16, 2010


I was hoping to break the long dry spell of writing that I’ve been suffering from lately. I had challenged myself to blog “Everyday in May”. Here it is the 16th and this is my first May post. Oy. Maybe from here on out I can try for everyday? It feels like I’ve been working 7 days a week. So when I do have a bit of free time, I’m feeling pressured to get the veggie garden in, typical for mid-April to mid-May in our region when most of the summer garden needs to be started, it seems there’s no time left for writing.

This must change.

I’m planning some cutbacks in the work department and all but the high summer crops of sweet potatoes, okra, purple hull peas and some assorted beans are now in the ground. I’ve got hope that there will be more hours in the day to ponder the world around me, to seek and find my muse again.

Wish me luck.

Meantime- I want to share the delicious roses that have been decorating our yard the past couple of weeks. I’ve never been much on growing roses but these old fashioned varieties seem quite easy and this pink one in particular is lusciously fragrant.

The way this apricot rose is spilling along the top of the garden fence, only in its second year, is just as I had hoped it would be.
The Jackmanii clematis mixed in with the New Dawn rose is a pairing I’ve envisioned ever sense seeing it in the White Flower Farm catalog some years back.
So- look for more writing from me in the very near future, tomorrow if life goes according to plan.  I’m off to grab some lunch before heading in to a workday at the community garden.  Here's hoping that both my writing dry spell and the dry spell of weather that's been over us for more than a month will break in the next 24 hours!

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