Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sweet Orange Carrots

After weeks of freezing weather I'd about given up on the veggie garden but I needed some carrots for chicken stock and soup I was making so went out to see what I could find.  Lots of carrots!  Beautiful, long, crisp, sweet carrots to boot.  I'll be needing to make some carrot dishes over the next few weeks as there are a lot of these babies still out there waiting to be dug.  I forget how well they keep in the ground during the winter and how truly sweet they become after a frost.  Everything else out there is looking fairly limp but I'm hoping the collards and spinach might bounce back if it gets a little warmer and that the cabbages might also still be good.  It's supposed to hit 50 tomorrow for the first time since I got home from Mexico nearly 3 weeks ago, so I'll pull back the frost cloth and see what it looks like under there.


Anonymous said...

Carrots look very fresh and tasty!

Garden Girl said...

Can you pull carrots in mid-winter where you are? I've heard of harvesting them from under the snow.