Friday, January 22, 2010

Radish Festival Take 2

It was actually warm and pleasant earlier this week and I ventured into the garden to putter around a bit. Cut down the dead eggplants and peppers and put away their cages. Pulled up the frozen turnips. I tidied up, fertilized and mulched the strawberry bed in hopes of some berries come June. And in my travels, I unearthed a couple of major radishes. I had left these in the ground, partly out of laziness, partly in hopes that David might pull them up on December 23rd and carve them in an act of solidarity with me when I was down in Mexico taking in the Noche de los Rabanos (see blog post Dec 28,2009 ). He didn’t, so here they are.

I don’t know about you, but I thought this guy really needed no carving, sort of reminds me of the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland that sat up on that giant mushroom. What does it remind you of?

Check out the size of this dude-knife placed for emphasis- The lower half we’ll be able to eat, the top is hollow from being above ground during such cold weather. This is a variety that is actually grown for its greens.  I discovered last year, that while I don't really care much for the greens accept when quite small, it also produces these spectacular radishes mid-winter that are quite tasty and sweet. Looking at the Johnny’s website I see they say Hong Vit makes small inedible radishes, I’d have to disagree.

Today it’s back to bone-chilling cold and rainy, stick close to the woodstove weather, tomorrow we should see the sun again, just long enough to refill the wood rack before more rain on Sunday.

Must be January.

So to brighten your winter days wherever you are, here are a couple more of my faves from the radish fest in Oaxaca, the real deal.

Sun and Moon?

Asian drumming, singing troupe?

Go Zapotec

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