Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Outside, Flowers In

I cut this vase of prunus mume on Thursday before the weather changed and they’ve been popping out further each day. The blossoms smell like cinnamon, what a marvelous breath of spring on a cold day with snow outside.

Snow it did, all night and much of the morning and it never warmed above 26 degrees today so it piled up pretty nicely, 5-6 inches, enough to bring things pretty much to a halt. We bundled up this afternoon and went out looking for a spot to sled. Our neighbor with the steepest driveway is out of town so we worked getting a good run packed down over there with the plastic toboggan, hoping tomorrow we can try it with the flexible flyer since we got the base established. Had some pretty good rides, Dave on bottom, me on top, face first, trying to avoid flying off into the ditch or creek. There’s nothing like a snow day to bring out the kid in me. With lows in the teens and a high of 33 tomorrow it’s doubtful much will melt before Monday afternoon. Yippee!!
The feeders were grand central all day, I had to refill the two seed feeders midday there was so much action. A yellow-rumped warbler was among many to get their fill of suet. 

You can see the snow/sleet falling around this little guy.

Saw most of the sparrows today too, fox, white-throated, chipping and song all made appearances at some point during the day along with downy and red-bellied woodpeckers, white-breasted and brown-headed nuthatches, juncos, cardinals-looking brilliant in the snow- doves, chickadees and tits.  I even saw a hermit thrush on the suet, that was a first.  Watch for snow pics tomorrow.

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