Sunday, January 17, 2010

Heavy Rains Bring High Waters

It rained all night and quite a bit today, first rain we've had in several weeks and it raised the creeks right up.  We strolled down through the woods, D finally feeling well enough to venture out for a walk after several days of high fever.  I'm hoping this coming week will bring wellness to both the members of this household for the first time in too long.

Walking in the drizzle may not have been the best medicine but it did us good to see the ice melting in the pond, the mist rising off the creek,

the moss greening up and becoming almost electric. 

The wave and roll of high, albeit muddy water, flowing down Morgan.

The new beaver dam seems to be holding firm. The flat-tailed engineers have figured out that this is the spot, just below where a smaller creek feeds in from one side and trees and brush hang from the opposite bank, these two factors seem to keep the water moving slower. The dam is holding even in high water times.  They've built here before and spring rains eventually washed it out, we'll see if this time they've got some new trick to keep it up.

Beech roots wet and blue from rain. 
A rainy Sunday crawls to a close, dinner in the oven, wine in the glass.

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