Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I did not wake this morning feeling miraculously well, but was up to going out for a birdwalk with my brother Chris and a few birding friends.  I want to give him a shout as today is the first day of his Big Year of Birding.  He is embarking on an adventure to see how many birds he can spot in the lower 48 over the course of 2010.  We saw almost all the usual suspects this morning that one would expect around our place, in mid-winter, in the central Piedmont of NC.

Check out his brand new blog that will be chronicling his travels:
I'm contemplating joining him in March in Colorado to search for grouses and prairie chickens on their mating grounds called leks.  Stay tuned.

2009 was a banner year in many ways, I had much more free time to explore my passions, to write and garden and spend time traveling with friends and family and alone.  I discovered new career possibilities for my future and enjoyed the work I was doing for the first time in a long time.  I'm hoping 2010 will continue in this positive vein and that all my readers out there will experience positive and prosperous years as well.  Thanks for reading in 2009 and I hope you'll continue following the Morgan Creek Chronicles in 2010.
Happy New Year!


martine said...

you can't go in March...Spring Shipping at The Forest!
(just kidding! it's Martine!)

Garden Girl said...

Hey you-
thought you might be lurking on my blog...
Looking forward to a chilly morning together tomorrow- won't it be too cold to ship?