Saturday, January 10, 2009

Working Outside

I worked at the nursery all day yesterday, an extra day this week as someone is on vacay. Amazing how many people are ordering plants in the middle of winter, for some, in the south and California and Florida, it makes sense. I guess people living in the Midwest do it out of hope that the cold will eventually pass, but we can't ship there until it warms up a little bit.

I'm pondering taking more hours at the Forest as one of the staff will be leaving in late spring, and the more I think about it the more I like the idea. Being able to work outside is really amazing, despite that sometimes its freezing cold and other times blazing hot, I appreciate being in the elements. I like hearing the birds and seeing the sky. I like the kind of people that come to see and buy plants and the gentle people that work with me.

And I love being able to walk to and from. I headed home at dusk last night, glad that I knew my trail and that the moon was rising. Although my feet were sore and my nose was cold, I walked on up the road to get the mail, just wanting to be out under the darkening sky for a few more minutes. The moon was almost full and fighting and winning the battle with huge and amazing Jupiter for brightest light in the sky.

The silhouette of the trees against the sky was fantastic and when I looked down the break of the power cut to the horizon, the sky glowed orange. I am so glad to live in this place. Coming back down the road, the cows were settling in for the night, finding a spot on the freshly strewn hay to slumber in the cold, nostrils steaming.

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