Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Woods Walking

My latest column for the Chapel Hill News came out today- I think its worth reading, about winter woods walks. I came across this photo the other day of one of the funny faces I've found in the trunks of beech trees over the years. Seeing the tree trunks is one of the best things about walking in winter, especially through a grove of old beeches.

I hiked the other day at Johnston Mill Nature Preserve. I've always wanted to check it out, a property purchased by the Triangle Land Conservancy some years back. It is a stunning section of woods that surround a winding broad section of New Hope Creek with high bluffs and several smaller streams. Lots of old growth beech, an old mill site to explore, plenty of water flowing now and I imagine it will be a spot for summer water play on hot afternoons. And only 15 minutes from home. If you live in Central NC and are not a member of TLC, you should be. They are working diligently to preserve some of the great natural places in our area and without them, incredibly important lands like Johnston Mill would be filled with houses by now.
It's another rainy day today but the sun keeps trying to come out. The winds are high and another front is coming through so I think the temperature will be dropping as the day wears on. I'm hoping to get in a winter walk at some point today if the weather permits. Ahh, Freedom.

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