Tuesday, January 20, 2009


What a day. First to wake up to snow, something we haven't had in these parts in almost 5 years. Everything white and it was still coming down until about noon, schools were closed and everyone got a day off. I had about 6 things I had to reschedule but I didn't care. It was worth it to see the world white, just another example of how we are at a moment in time where we can wash the slate clean and begin anew.

And the snow made it easy for us to all watch the inauguration of Barack Obama. Once again we got to marvel at this amazing man who is so forthright and honest and apparently clearheaded about the challenges that he, and all of us, face at this time, and he doesn't hold back in his frankness about the severity of the situation or the fact that ALL of us are going to have to work to dig out of the hole we are in at the moment.
We must go from walking blind through the world, like my bird woman here,To accepting the situation and doing whatever we can to correct it.
Everyone I spoke to today was thrilled, energetic, with a renewed sense of hope. Many said they cried, as I have, again and again when I hear Obama speak. So many never believed the day would come when we would elect a black person to be president of the U.S. And I had lost faith that we would ever again elect someone to the office that could re-inspire hope in the people of the nation and in me. I was unsure I would ever have faith, respect and an affinity for and with a president the way that I do with Obama. Amen. May we go forward with strength and courage and good will to the new administration.

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