Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

What a glorious New Years Day it's been. I woke up and wrote for over an hour then went to work some at the nursery. The boss is on vacay so I was called in to feed the pigs and open and close the greenhouses against the cold. It was nice to be there all alone and not in a hurry, walking through the greenhouses admiring the camellias in bloom. I'm learning to know my favorites, like Reverend Ida, a small, double flowered, dark purplish red, or Yume, pale pink and white single flowers with short yellow stamens. Where will I find a place for all those that I feel the need to bring home?

The trail that I walk from home to the nursery has been bothering me for months. A maple top and lots of bamboo and some pine trees were all tumbled down blocking the old road and forcing me to follow the deer paths around and about to get where I needed to go. It was the perfect cold, sunny day to get behind the chain saw and get that path tidied up. I feel so strong and accomplished and kind of brave when I run the chain saw by myself. Now, there is a wide open path that I can easily stroll to and from work and even if it's getting dark I'll be able to see my way- hurray.

We went to a super duper New Years Day party with all of our neighbors at the home of Brian and Dale, our newest neighbors. The place is beautiful and the company and food was mighty fine. Now home to fall into bed and wake up on January 2nd, another glorious day yet to unfold.

I love the New Year, everything can start fresh, all things seem possible.

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