Sunday, February 7, 2010

Still snow on the ground

It's incredible to me that we still have snow on the ground after 8 days.  I feel grateful that we didn't get hit with the huge storm that landed further north the last few days, knocking out power and leaving folks buried.  We have had a tremendous amount of rain.  The creeks are all really high and the ground is soaked.  I think getting peas planted this month may be a real challenge if we don't see some warmer, drier weather in the next couple of weeks. There is sun in the forecast but still below normal temps for the next week.

I also can't believe its been a week since I've blogged but I've been very busy with work, despite the weather, making plans and getting things in place for the Growing Healthy Kids community garden to hit the ground running as soon as the weather does warm up.  I'm excited about our gardens this year, we've expanded one garden and will be recruiting new families so that we may have as many as 50 families during the growing season.

I've got two fascintating photos to share from the snow week.  While out walking last week when there was still a fair amount of snow on the ground, we spied the tail of a snake sticking out from under the snow on the edge of the trail.  Seemed strange and not a good situation for the snake as it was getting dark and cold.  David dug a hole down into the leaves near by and off the trail and dug the snake up and moved it down closer to the earth and covered it back up.  Don't know what kind of snake it was, it was alive, but moving slowly.  Randy- if you're reading this- do you know?  It had a pale green belly.

On the same hike we also spotted this ice formation in the creek that looked just like a pear!

The sun is out today and though its chilly, I'm planning a nice long walk as its been cold and rainy since Thursday and I'm ready to get back outside.

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