Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello Hellebores

This was the scene that we woke to this morning, swirling white, coming down pretty heavily. But it didn’t last long, by afternoon the white was all gone. I like the effect of the railroad ties holding the snow and outlining the path of stones.

This afternoon I took a brisk walk and it was windy and cold, but the sun came and went and it was good to be outside. Lots of birds were down along the creek, golden and ruby crowned kinglets, a phoebe, winter wrens and a hermit thrush were all twittering along the banks, staying just ahead of me as I walked.
The past week or so the hellebores or Lenten roses have begun to bloom- I just put that one together, last week was the start of lent and that’s when the blooms start and they pretty much last through spring. An Ah Ha moment for me!
They are quite delightful and these are some very special ones we picked up a few years back. I can’t help loving things that bloom in winter.

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Randy Emmitt said...


I lost your blog from my blog roll when I upgraded my blog. Sorry I missed so many great reads here. Love these hellebores, the doubles look a lot like the ones in Julia's garden in Chapel Hill. WE checked out the open house at Pine Knot Farms on saturday, awesome gardens full of hellebores and crocuses. The open house is still on this coming Friday and Saturday too.