Thursday, February 11, 2010

Anthropomorphic Carrot

We dug the remaining carrots the other day, got about 5 pounds.  Many were multi-pronged, not sure why accept that David transplanted some when they were small and I think that might have given them cause to make more than one root.  I'm planning a soup with the gnarlier ones combined with turnips harvested before the cold, finished with that good fresh cream from next door.  Maybe a touch of curry?  

My latest column finally made the paper yesterday, an ode to these cold winter days we've been seeing for weeks on end.  Here's a taste:

"Smoke billows down the roof and falls past the picture window, rolling across the yard into the woods where it hangs like a misty curtain in the bare trees. The brilliant morning sun, low over the horizon, shines straight through to the far side of the house.

Logs sizzle and pop inside the woodstove, water burbles on top, these sounds punctuate the inertia of a cold winter day. We read, and read, and read, dozing in the sunbeams like a pair of cats, only stirring to put another log on the fire or refill our coffee cups."

Click here for the full piece.

Tomorrow is the first day of the four day Great Backyard Bird Count sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  It's fun and easy to log your birds on line, if you are a birder, check it out by clicking on the link above.

Today the fierce winds of yesterday have passed and its sunny, but the chill air remains.

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