Saturday, August 8, 2009

Strange fly or hornet

When I stepped out the door this morning to go for my run, I was stopped in my tracks by loud buzzing and two big flying insects zipping around the back porch. Then they stopped and hovered. I've seen these guys before, got out my binoculars to take a closer look. They look like either a hornet or some kind of fly, bodies are reddish going to a point at the tail, heads with large grey compound eyes, they looked almost like they are wearing helmets with a very blunt nose and face. They hover in place as if they were sitting perfectly still, through the bioculars it looked like the wings were stationary they were beating so fast. Every few seconds they would buzz around each other again and then stop and hover, buzzing, zipping, hovering. I got tired of watching after a few minutes and went on for my run.

Any idea what kind of insects these might be?

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