Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Gate Finished!

If you've been following the blog or know me, you know I've been trying to get these gates installed in the vegetable garden fence for months, I got the first one done in the spring, built a second one a few weeks ago and had been waiting for my honey to help me get it hung up, takes two people to do hinges. We did it this morning, it looks great, now we can easily walk straight through the garden to the garden shed instead of all the way around, which we were doing because the temporary gate was difficult to open and close due to the temporary wire latches. One more left, my goal- to complete it before the end of September. They are not really that hard to do, there is just some kind of major avoidance thing going on to getting them finished.

I have this feeling that when I finally get the gates done, it's like I'll be passing through them into some new life?

Now here are some other peppers that I meant to post yesterday, Round of Hungary - pimento, thick walled, incredibly sweet and spectacular when roasted and dipped in some good olive oil.
Yeah baby! Is this thing sexy or what?


LynnS said...

Beautiful peppers. That is a red that screams RED!

Garden Girl said...

I visited your blog Lynn- very nice gift boxes you made for your mom. And wow- I thought I had a lot of roma's!

Heather said...

That pepper is sexy! Mine never look that nice~
PS- the gate is beautiful!