Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Misty Morning Ramble

I woke early, my mind racing, heart heavy, people I love are hurting.
I got up, made coffee and went to the desk, I wrote and wrote and wrote it all down and got it out on the page. Then I bundled up and headed out into the misty morning. Hundreds of these delicate spider webs were revealed by the fog, in small trees and tucked into spaces between running cedar and leaves on the ground.
I heard woodpeckers hammering, kingfishers ratcheting their way down the creek, pine warblers warbling, The red bird calling cheer, cheer, perty, perty, perty, perty, cheer, cheer.

Life goes on, the moss is on the move.
The ferns are unfurling. I must believe that everything will right itself. Eventually.

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