Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Season column runs on Sunday!

Check me out- I finally rate having my column in the Sunday edition of the Chapel Hill News, after a year of being in the Wednesday edition. Yes, one year I've been writing my "In Season" column for CHN, a milestone of sorts. Now why this article would be posted under "Pets" I can't really say, the Almanac section seems more appropriate, but I'm not complaining.

You can read Morning Sun and the Cry of Hawks by clicking here.

Every day I hear that father hawk, keee-yahhing down around the pond, wanting all to know that's his turf this spring. I saw the mom on the nest the other day, she acted very much like she was adjusting some eggs underneath her. My research shows a 28-30 day incubation, 40 days to brood. The nest is so high in the tree that it's impossible to see inside, so I'll be watching to see if there are any babies lurking around the edge of the nest come mid May.

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