Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

After a mini heat wave of five days in the 80's and a decent rain last night, everything that was holding on during the cool has exploded.  We said this morning, "we can see the leaves growing, they've doubled in size over night".  In a few days you won't be able to see through the woods any longer for the green.

Some of the beeches still hold their pointy tight bud tips closed, shining like hammered copper, and reach up in a sort of flame like dancing way before they loosen and drop the thin skin to reveal these tender pale leaves.
I watched a ruby-crowned kinglet flit about, after twirling and chasing another male, he landed to sing and twitter, poking his brilliant crest up out of his tiny smooth green head.  The bright feathers are always surprising- more deep orange to me than ruby, he gave a spectacular show, jumping about eating tiny bugs off the leaves. 

The creek is way up and flowing really well, the first of the giant fish have been spotted, both dead and alive, we'll be watching for more, maybe I can catch a photo for the nonbelievers. The trout lilies are through, but the spring beauties, giant chickweed and windflowers are dotting the edges of the paths down at Morgan, the spots of white against deep green, make me want to walk down there all day. 

At the house, the entire yard is racing to bloom; dogwoods, azaleas, redbuds and apples all popped open in the past 2 days.  Its hard to know what to focus on, every view bears new growth, blooms and vistas.
One of the quinces, it is so floriferous and what a swell color too.  I don't know its name, came from my fathers I think.  The red one is still in bloom, been at it since January.

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