Thursday, April 4, 2013


Today was nothing like the one when I took this photo.  Today was cold and rainy, maybe the last day like that for the season?  We did have a fire going and it was welcome.  The forecast has us in the upper 70's by next week, that will be a balm. 

We are mighty proud of this wood pile, been working on it all winter long and still have one more oak to cut up, complements of the windstorms last summer that brought a record number of big trees tumbling down. Together with my brother Chris and his father-in-law Ray, we cut, split and hauled at least three times as much as you see here.  I attribute the current backache to having evolved somewhere in the middle of the firewood procurement!  We now have three houses in the 'hood that will have enough firewood for two seasons down the line, that's a good feeling.

It's sad that it comes at the expense of all those fallen trees, but the interesting thing is that each and everyone of them as we were cutting them up, had some kind of problem, a split causing rot inside, or fungus or other issues that were causing the tree to be weak or to be dying, for some it may have been old age, they were very big and old.  So mother nature was doing her work when she brought that wind and blew those old boys down.  And we were doing our work to harvest them and will put the carbon to use one more time.

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