Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two Bodacious Loaves

I got in late last night and these lovelies were on the kitchen table to greet me!  One whole wheat with seeds, one white, both crusty and tasty, my man can sure bake some bread.

The heat wave broke yesterday with cloudy skies and today its like autumn out there, what a treat and just in time, everyone was starting to get kinda cranky about the extended period in the 90's.  Forecasters are saying it will be in the 50's the next couple of nights and I couldn't be more delighted.  We are heading out to Saxapahaw this evening for a circus performance at Paperhand Puppet, I hope it will be outside? 

The windows are thrown open and tonight we'll sleep to the sound of crickets, cicadas and hoot owls once again. 

It's the first of July and that marks the mid point of the year, heading down the other side, hoping to be more in control of the wheel for this section of the ride.

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Plantwoman said...

Yum, I could sure help you munch that bread....Dianne