Thursday, July 15, 2010

July Bounty

The daylilies are winding down but they've been really wonderful for about 6 weeks now so I can't be too sad.  There is still one more variety that is blooming late, it is tall, with a small pale yellow flower, maybe I'll snap a pic of it for later this week.  This reddish-orange is still one of the faves in our collection and I'm sorry to see it finishing its bloom cycle.  The good news about daylilies is, they'll be back, bigger and better every year.
Inside, I've gotten all of the onions and garlic cleaned up and organized for storage, here is the bulk of the haul for this season, I also have about 40 red cippolini onions still curing outside and a basket with about 35 heads of garlic that are "use first" for tomato sauce etc in the coming weeks.
Speaking of tomato sauce, I made the first batch last week yielding 4 rich quarts for the freezer and it looks like its time for batch number two very soon.  First though, perhaps a vat of gazpacho since the cukes are coming in and maybe a pot of ratatouille since I've got both squash and eggplants starting to pile up as well.  Must be July.

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