Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring IS on the way

Wow- I can't believe its been two whole weeks since I've posted to the blog, apologies readers, it's been a very busy time with lots of details to pull together to get the Growing Healthy Kids community gardens up and running for the spring, an extra day added to my schedule at The Forest and volunteer training to lead childrens programs over at Duke Gardens.  Phew.

I've also started volunteering one afternoon a week at the local food pantry, doing intake and food distribution for Spanish speaking clients in an effort to keep my Spanish fresh after returning from Mexico.  It's sobering how little people have to live on, I'm glad this service exists for these families that are in hard times looking for work and struggling to make ends meet. 

When I was hanging out in the dark and cold days of February, I felt like I had a lot of time on my hands, and think I might have overcommitted myself, forgetting how busy I am when the spring kicks in.  I'm just hoping life will settle down a smidge once things get underway and I'm in the maintenance phase rather than the start-up phase of things.  But boy howdy, I've been running.

Lots of things seem to be running late, but it feels like they're trying to make up for lost time after the long cold.   The bulbs in particular are rocketing out of the ground now, tulips, hyacinths and daffodils all seem like I could about sit and watch them grow on the the warm days we've been graced with in the past week.

This is one of my favorite late winter plants, the Edgeworthia or Paper Plant.  Very lovely and eye-catching from a distance, the white petticoat like flowers hanging from the bare branches, swing like little bells.  Up close; the bright yellow undersides of the clusters of tiny trumpets are revealed and they are very fragrant, a bit like Lily of the Valley.

Most of the seeds I planted two weeks ago are finally sprouting, beets, spinach, turnips, peas are all popping out and I think I spied a few wisps of carrots this afternoon.  I plan to plant some lettuce, kale, and bok choy tomorrow if the rain lets up.  Woo Hoo- spring veggies are on the way.


Randy Emmitt said...

Sounds great your seeds are coming up, we planted last weekend nothing yet.

Was at Duke Gardens today amazing camellias and hellebores will do a posting soon on them.

Perry Haaland said...

In bloom along Morgan Creek: spring beauty, bluet, trout lilly, ginger

Garden Girl said...

The trout lilies were amazing this afternoon, I think they are peaking this week with the warm weather.