Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Indoor flowers

We've been enjoying this indoor show of flowers immensely over the past few weeks, the bright pink christmas cactus is putting on a whole second round after being covered with blooms at Thanksgiving and here it goes all over again.  The orchid, the only one we've ever been able to get to rebloom for us, its one that was my fathers and we adopted after his death.  The length of the flower sprays are incredible this time and the purple and white flowers fill the room with the scent of vanilla.  Just what we need to tide us over until more spring flowers start blooming outside.

Walking down along the creek today the trout lilies were in fine form, carpeting both sides of the path along Morgan, I think they are at their peak this week with our warm weather.  A few spring beauties here and there and the hepatica are also showing with their dainty lavendar and white edged  blooms.  The equinox is just around the corner.

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