Friday, March 19, 2010

The big year, meets the big night, meets the little sister

I'm heading out before dawn tomorrow, flying to Dallas to meet up with my eldest brother and join him for 9 days of his Big Birding Year.  If you've not checked out his blog Slow Birding, you should, he's doing an amazing year long adventure, traveling the entire country back and forth to see how many birds he can spot in 365 days in the lower 48.  I'm joining him for a section of the trip passing through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado searching for the chickens of the prairie and millions of sandhill cranes.  I plan to blog from the road and it promises to be a wild ride, starting with a snow storm  predicted for tomorrow in the very region we are supposed to be hitting first! 

My vision of the trip has us getting up in the middle of the night to drive to the middle of nowhere to sit in the cold dark waiting for these chickens and grouse to do their strutting mating dances on the lek. 

Hopefully there will be some napping or at least early bedtimes involved.  Stay Tuned!

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Randy Emmitt said...

I read a book about someone doing a big birding year it was full of adventure. Sorry I can't recall the book name, having a gray moment. You'll have fun, but expect to get up early and drive long distances. I'll be looking forward to your adventures!