Sunday, May 19, 2013

Close Encounters With Wildlife

I was in bed reading the other night when David called from the bathroom "you've got to come see this right now, and you might want your camera."  Perched on a giant peony that I had cut and brought in that morning was this gray tree frog.  He must have been wondering where he was after sleeping inside that flower all day.  I was grateful that David spotted the little guy before a) it began singing during the night and woke us from a sound sleep or b) it hopped off into the house, where it may not have survived too well.  I'm also sure the frog was grateful to be released back outside.

Heavy rains last night and today were rough on the peonies but I got this photo before these blooms got their faces rubbed in the dirt.  This pompom double flower is almost over the top!
Raspberry Sundae

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