Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring

Pea Sprout
Nothing says spring like peas and here they come, well, the sprouts anyway, the peas, probably at least a month away.  Elsewhere around the garden today;
Peonies reaching for the light
Aso Misune Camellia
Anemone Blanda and little daffodil
It was another one of those days that started out gray and cool and ended up warm and sunny.  I had a delightful walk along the creek and scared up a small flock of yellow-rumped warblers, ruby and golden crowned kinglets.  They ticked and chattered as they dipped in and out of the knobs and roots along the mossy creek bank.  Loads of phoebes fly catching over and around the water.  A pair of yellow-bellied sapsuckers played tag spiraling up and around a tall poplar tree.  Also winter wren, they will disappear soon I think, Carolina wren, hermit thrush, song sparrow, titmice, chickadees, lots of robins, its been super birdy lately and I've been making sure to don the binoculars whenever I head out these days as I don't want to miss this change of the season in birds.

Planning a little fireside time this evening in honor of the equinox.  Chicken wings are marinating to grill on the coals, foccacio rising to bake and a huge bowl of spinach to saute.  It's going to be a fitting start to the incoming spring season, time to go gather some kindling.

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Maria Hitt said...

I have a correction from this post, the camellia pictured is actually Aso Misune not High Fragrance, see March 21st for clarification.