Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Winter Blooms




The only thing missing is a Daphne, they've all died in the way that Daphne unfortunately seem to do, they go along happily, often for years and then one day they begin to shrink and ultimately die completely.  Heartbreaking really.  The fragrance is delightful, a little lemony, a little gingery, can't quite put my finger on it other than its strong and will turn heads.  

Today is grey, more rain, I'm glad for the rain we've had, truly I am, but I must say I can't help getting a bit gloomy when the sun don't shine.  Still, it won't be long at all before I am busy again with spring time garden chores and wishing for a day like today when I can stay inside and close to the fire.

I've been reading Andy Catlett; Early Travels by Wendell Berry.  It's a gem, the reminiscence of an old man, told now, of a trip taken when he was a boy in the 1940's to visit his grandparents.  The picture of a life now gone; a farm, with mule drawn carts, milk cows, hand pumped water and wood stoves. Evenings filled with reading and sewing and thinking.  It's rich with sweet recollections and observations that only time can bring.
"No place anywhere would ever again be satisfied to be what it was, I was surprised, and I am more surprised now, by the rapidity of the change than I was then.  In only a few years the world of pavement, speed and universal dissatisfaction had extended itself into nearly every place and nearly every mind, and the old world of the mule team and wagon was simply gone, leaving behind it a scatter of less and less intelligible relics."

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