Sunday, January 27, 2013


It's been very frosty lately, both day and night.  We finally dropped down into the low 20's and I've been afraid to peek under the remay to see if the lettuce survived, I put a triple layer over it in hopes of adding protection, tomorrow it's warming up above 40 and I plan to take the top off and see what the damage was.  I'll be kicking myself for not harvesting a lot of greens before the cold weather hit if its all wrecked, I'll see tomorrow.

I've been super busy, I feel like I went from zero to sixty in the past few weeks.  After the sleepy, slow days of December and the holidays, its been a bit of a shock to my system to try and get back to normal.  I've been trying to think of a name for my business which I'm trying to get incorporated this month, doing research on the difference between an LLC and an S Corp, oh my.  Also organized an "all about birds" workshop for a group of kids at the local  shelter for women with children, that was for my community service component of my EE certification.  That was a blast, we made "binoculars" out of toilet paper tissue tubes and bird feeders with pine cones and peanut butter and recycled soda bottles.  Everyone had fun, me most of all perhaps.

The writing group started up again so I'm encouraged/pushed to write more often, every day if I can, to produce something of substance that I am proud to read to my group of ladies who are all excellent writers.  We've been cutting mountains of firewood with my brother and his father-in-law from trees that fell in the wind storms last summer.  Trying to get it all cut and stacked and not let any of it go to waste, we've already done 7 trailer loads!  and there is more to get, we will be very well stocked for firewood next winter and possibly into 2014.
Davey with a cabbage harvested before one of the cold nights last week.  We've been enjoying it shredded into bowls of posole that he cooked up this weekend, perfect to warm the cockles on a cold night.  Supposed to get up to 70 again later this week, the topsy turvy climate gets crazier all the time.

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