Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Endless Work of Spring

 Traveler red bud,and Prairie Fire crab apple, bright even on a dreary day

Spring has taken over my life!  Partly too much work associated with my job,  I've been recruiting and enrolling and orienting new families at the community gardens and we are now up to 35 families with 77 kids gardening at 2 locations, I only have 3 garden plots left to fill.   Between work and having a thousand chores to do here at home, I seem to be paralyzed sometimes, I just want to wander around the yard and soak up the beauty of it all, but that doesn't get work done.  Add to that the fact that I haven't been sleeping well, (I think it is a combination of stress and menopause), I am waking up all too many nights at 2:30 and cannot seem to get back to sleep.  Sorry, but 3 to 4 hours of sleep just doesn't cut it, too many mights in a row like that and I get a bit crabby, not to mention exhausted.

I did manage to sleep last night and to achieve my one goal for today which was to get my little tomatoes stepped up into larger pots. I now have 46 tomato plants, about 12 varieties.  I will start to harden them off by moving them outside during the day and back in at night to prepare for setting out in the garden in about 2 weeks.  This is about twice what we need, but I always start too many.

Tonight we had our first batch of asparagus, cooked up with three large spring onions and a half pound of shrimp, simple and sweet, so yummy served over rice.  We also had our first spring greens, baby lettuce, arugula, spinach and red Russian kale, all mixed up into a tender and delicious salad to go along side the main dish.

In my not spare time I have been doing things like culturing cream with buttermilk.  The yield from 3 quarts of cream; 1 and a half quarts of buttermilk, a cup of creme fraiche and a pound and a half of the best butter I've ever tasted.  Tonight we had an appetizer of butter spread on our homemade white bread, topped with thin sliced french breakfast radishes, sprinkled with salt and pepper. Yeah.
So many textures and colors
The dogwoods are in full bloom now, spectacular against the blue, blue sky

These are the images of scenes that stop me in my tracks as I am crossing the yard with another wheelbarrow of mulch, or a shrub to find a place for, we just can't seem to stop bringing plants home even though we are running out of room. Oh the conflicts of springtime, so many plants, so little time...


Randy Emmitt said...

You have been busy, go girl! I found out that Meg's Accountant went to my high school Anderson High in Cincy. The conversation then lead to your husband, she said he also went there. I graduated in 1974, she was 1971. Small world huh?

anita Hicks said...

That WAS the MOST DELICIOUS BUTTER I've ever tasted. How can I get the cream to duplicate it ????