Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Continues to Blow Me Away

The front walk this week
Who knew that columbines could become borderline invasive.  That's what all the purple is on both sides of the pathway, the result of scattering seeds willy nilly fall after fall.  We do have lots of nice hybrid colors, dark purple, blue, pale lavender, plum.  But too many of all of them, so this season we'll be removing some plants after they finish blooming and won't be scattering seeds.

It's been a spectacular April.  Lots of rain making things lush and happy, enough warm weather to get things blooming, but no so much to make them finish too quick.  I continue to revel in the glory of it and am eternally grateful to live in such a fabulous place.
A typical days harvest from the asparagus patch
Needless to say they are daily on the plate.  Favorite combos; asparagus and eggs and/or muenster cheese and/or mushrooms. I've been eating piles of them blanched in salads and the skinny ones get munched raw in the garden the moment they are picked.
Illini Warrior, the first peony to bloom
I've waxed poetic in these posts many times on the glories of the peony, my favorite flower, queen of the garden.  The next two weeks should be peony filled, I'll try to be better about posting. We planted a lot of new varieties a couple of years ago and they are finally large enough that they should put on a very good show this year.  This Illini is so red it looks superimposed in this photo!
Radishes just say spring don't they?
Especially these Easter egg radishes in their fancy colors.  Lots of these have been going into the salads along side the asparagus.  I'm also fond of slicing them thin and layering them onto home baked crusty white bread spread with fresh butter and sprinkled with salt...
The lilac is in full bloom
It's funny how small this bush looks in this picture.  The scent it casts is anything but, you can smell it all over the yard and inside the house. At night the fragrance wafts over and into the windows by our bed, making for sweet dreams.  That chair right there in the photo, that is where I want to be sitting as often as possible, surrounded by the glorious soft scent of lilac.


Anita Hicks said...

The double peonies seem to be the only ones with fragrance. The double pinks I cut and put in the house gave me more than a week of beautiful aroma as I came and went through the entryway.

Garden Girl said...

We have some white singles that are quite fragrant, though they have now passed. Only the huge double pinks are left, so heavy headed that we've cut huge bunches and brought them in and given them away to neighbors rescuing their silky faces from falling into the dirt.