Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow Angel Part II, Beaufort

Sexy chile pepper on the porch at Cousins, Hunka hunka burnin' love?

The forecast said flurries today at the coast, but what we have is 4-5 inches coming down out there!  Not exactly what I had in mind for my weekend at the coast.  I am going with the flow though.  I am so glad that I decided to take a room at a quirky B&B I found on-line called Cousin Martha's.  Actually it's  Elmo and Martha and they are purveyors of spices as well as rooms, the most famous blend is Satan's Breath which I have yet to taste, but I might be here longer than I planned.... it was the picture of Martha sitting in a front yard of what looked like wild mustard in bloom that sold me on this place, and now that I am literally snowed in I am especially glad not to be sitting in some sterile Hampton Inn over in Morehead City by myself.  Instead, I'm in a tropical parlor with gecko green throw rugs and chair, blue, white, yellow and green striped sofa's and nautical blue and yellow throw pillows. There is something insanely perfect about the dichotomy of beach house decor inside and snow mounting up outside.  Martha has already started plying me with wine and Elmo is in the kitchen whipping up something for our supper as there is no place open for me to go to dinner even if I wanted to go out and brave the cold and snow.

I did venture out earlier this afternoon and this was the scene. Boats in the snow. 

Not much was open and after a good cup of coffee I headed back here for a luxurious hot soak in my fish themed bathroom.  Then I lay for a long while in my bed, gazing lazily out the window at the snow coming down against the backdrop of the pink house next door. I felt like I was inside a snow globe, the wind and currents blowing between the two houses making it a very active snowfall, sometimes floating down, other times swirling, often a white out when a big gust blew snow off the rooftops and into the wind tunnel between the two buildings.  Now I'm energized, drinking red wine and writing, I think Martha and I might be boogying before the night is through!

Absolutely NO risk of diving in Beaufort today

My course for EE was cut short by the storm, we let out at noon today and as a result I will have to do some homework, which I should think of doing now, but it's become another snow day and you just can't focus on serious things on a snow day, you have to play, you have to be a snow angel.


Garden Girl said...

To my writing friends: I just agonized about the verb to lay versus to lie, Nancy T. this is your fault! Or is it the wine? "I lied down" does not sound right. But I know chickens lay eggs and sleeping dogs lie. But "I lie down for a long while watching the snow" doesn't sound right either? Help.

C. Kay said...

Didn"t Papa Sam always say "I'm going to take a lie down"?