Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year

Once again the snow is swirling down, though I don't believe we are going to get much accumulation this time, and that is really fine with me.  The chickadee's and titmice are zooming in and out to the feeders on all sides, punctuated occasionally by a downy or red-bellied woodpecker or now and then a pine or yellow-rumped warbler pops over for a bit of suet.

My sister-in-law inquired why I hadn't been posting to the blog, not much worth saying was my main answer, that and trying to get busy with the tasks of a new year, planning my life and work for the next few months, trying to get my house in order literally and figuratively.  January often finds me with the sensation of having time on my hands but in reality having lots to do, and there is a conflict that can develop in this situation.

But I am trying to get rolling on 2011 and plan so that spring does not sneak up on me as it is want to do and catch me unready for all the chores and projects both home and work related that pop up when the growing season gets underway.

I've also been more than a little preoccupied with creating a new physcial me, not even because of the new year, this actually began after thanksgiving when the excess flesh hanging on me reached a critical mass and I realized something must be done.  So I've been exercising like crazy, starting with weight lifting every morning and then walking or swimming as many days as I can muster which seems to be about 5 per week.  Top that off with a pilates or yoga class a couple of times a week and this woman has been spending 1.5 to 2 hours a day exercising.  Add to that constant monitoring of what's going into the mouth and it starts to feel like a full time job in and of itself!

But progress has been made with the loss of 5.5 pounds and several inches in key areas namely bust, belly and hips, 2 inches gone from each, I'm vanishing as I write and I like it.  Yeah me.  And here we are again with another boring post about my personal life that no one in particular is probably interested in.  Sorry about that, and therefore, as mentioned before- I've not been posting a whole lot lately as I'm very internally focused.  Perhaps the tide will turn, I'm returning to work with my good old writing teacher Carol Henderson this week after a long hiatus, this time in a different group and a different format, perhaps this will get me back onto producing something interesting again.

Until then, stay tuned as my brother would say.  Speaking of which- I must give him a shout having completed his birders big year with a total of 704 species seen in the lower 48 over the course of a grueling 12 months.  Check him out here.  He is one of only about 14 people who have ever seen more than 700 birds in a single year in the US.  You go buddy.


C. Kay said...

You go Maria! Yeah you're back! Thanks for the scrabble game and update! xox

Pam said...

Boring? You!? Not likely...

Having a common human experience and finding a way to repel inertia~ inspirational

Being able to turn thoughts into words~ a gift

I appreciate what you share with us, Maria.


Garden Girl said...

Thanks Pam and C Kay for your words of support. I'm sorry I haven't been very dedicated to filling this page lately. And knowing I have such dedicated readers makes me feel guilty not to bring something, anything for your view! I'll keep trying :-)