Monday, November 1, 2010

Autumn rekindles a desire to write

Where you may ask have I been?  Forgive me readers, it has been 6 weeks since my last blog post.  I'm not a Catholic but feel like I'm here to make a confession.  I've been asking myself the same thing, where have I been?  The simple answer is, after nearly a month on vacation, I've been playing catch-up on work, chores and life in general.

The more complicated answer is that it was one of the hardest summers I've seen in terms of drought, heat and general discontent with the world.  All the things that give me fodder for writing and inspiration to get up and keep going day to day were in jeopardy.  The creek was dry from June to September, if David had not been standing behind the hose a couple of hours a day most everything in the yard would have surely died and even with his yeomans effort most plants were looking mighty pitiful by mid-August.

I think I lost my spark and certainly have been searching for my muse the past 6 months.  With this post I'm hoping to turn over a new leaf, I think it will be a dogwood, red with yellow veins and edges, they are bursting into flame about now. 

I've still got a long list of fall chores before me but with the cool crisp weather and leaves finally offering some colorful cheer, I am feeling more able to get moving with some joy in my heart.  The world is still a mess and who knows what the elections tomorrow will bring, but I've got to buck up and get on with it.

The hearts a'bustin (Eonymous americanus) seem an apt analogy to how I've been feeling, they've been putting on a major show the past month, absolutely loaded with purple and orange seed pods.
Now- on to the days to do's, laundry, soup to cook, peppers to process, oh the peppers, will they ever end?  Deer fence to mend, windows to wash, long walk in the woods to take....


Randy Emmitt said...


Not to worry the muse will return! Hearts a bustin wow that is a huge plant! Is that first photo asters and anemones?

Garden Girl said...

Hi randy-Asters and mums- this is a favorite combo of mine. Our hearts a' bustin are huge thanks to our good ole deer fence which keeps them safe, I rarely see them in the woods anymore as the deer like to munch them big time. They're actually getting a bit out of control in our garden with nothing to keep them cut back, we've got about 6 or 8 big patches of them and they're just fantastic now.
Thanks for sticking with me!