Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Day Dawns Dreary

I did not expect to wake up to another rainy day but did, fortunately, it being Saturday, I was able to roll over and lay in the bed a while longer.  Gazing out the bedroom window into the golden haze of a group of small hickories, I watched the fluttering chickadees and titmice who are there every morning, zipping in and out from the feeders on the front side of the house.  I've been greeted for the past couple of weeks by these late blooming Jackmanii clematis just outside the kitchen window.  A treat as I prepare the morning coffee.
This coral barked maple glows this time of year, even on a rainy day, the red of the dogwood above setting it off even more.  The leaves are green all summer and then this gold slowly comes over the tree. Once the leaves fall, the bark will redden and offer a different form of radiance through the winter months.

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C. Kay said...

Yay, you've returned! Welcome back, lovely photos.