Friday, July 17, 2009

Why We Garden Part II

David bringing in the harvest
I dug the potatoes today. We experimented with growing spuds in cages this year. We made hoops with tomato wire about 3 feet across and 2 feet tall. Lined it with landscape fabric. I loosened up the soil at the bottom and added some good stuff then set the potatoes on that, put a couple of inches over the tops and we just kept adding soil as the taters grew.

We started a bit late, I think we planted them about a week after the last planting date for potatoes here in central NC. They grew like mad, the combo of clay, compost, peat and leaf that D mixed up to keep adding on was nice and rich, we filled the bins close to the top and the plants just kept getting taller.

I decided they must be dug, the plants were dying back and we're getting too far into July. There begins to be a risk of soil born stuff rotting them or making them scabby. I pulled the soil away to discover all of the potatoes were down at the original soil level at the bottom of the bins, I thought the idea was they would make potatoes all the way up the stalk but they didn't, maybe if they had more time to grow. I don't know. But it ended up not too bad in the end, we got 13 pounds from an original pound or two of seed potatoes.

Tonight we roasted all the tiniest babies along side a localy grown fresh chicken and man were they good, you CANNOT buy this stuff, you have to grow it!

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