Monday, July 13, 2009


I've been trying to go for a walk/run a few mornings a week. I run till I can't any more, then walk to catch my breath, then run some more. Despite the darkening sky I decided to head out this morning anyway. I like to get my exercise early in the day, less chance to procrastinate and completely blow it off. I can hear the jolly little old man that used to swim laps next to me in the early morning at the Y saying, when you get your exercise done "Your halo is tight."

We've had 3 weeks of dry and each spend at least an hour a day standing behind the hose to keep the veggies alive and producing, not to mention watering the recently planted shrubs and trees. I was feeling kind of parched myself. I've always been critical of people who ran in the rain- cold rain in particular, or in the blazing heat of the afternoon- just considered them crazy.

But this morning, it started to come down almost the minute I left out and I ran in it till my clothes were completely soaked, the water running down my face and legs, my hair dripping into my face, it felt fabulous, I was being moisturized, revitalized, just like the dry parched earth that the rain was soaking into, and puddling up on. I found myself splashing through rivulets that ran down the road. Not until the second big peel of thunder did I deem it time to head home, so I didn't go as far as usual, but it sure was great to get refreshed and rehydrated.

It's still coming down out there.

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