Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring is TOO Busy!

Late April/early May view of the front walk. Breathtaking.
Dear, faithful readers, my apologies for the long dry spell from blogging. April was way too action packed but I'm hoping that May can bring some respite from the madness. So much has happened since last I wrote, we've gone from spring pastel green woods to full on deep summer forest. Lush green leaves hanging still tender on all the trees make me wish I was a caterpillar. The peas are to the top of the fence and we should harvest our first picking tonight. I'm thinking stir fry with bok choy, leeks, peas and asparagus. Strawberries have been brightening the table and our tongues for a couple of weeks, now getting close to the end of their wonderfulness in our little patch.

We are experimenting with growing potatoes in fence hoops this year. They are to the very top of their cages, we've added soil/leaf mix 3 times and they are looking incredibly lush and happy, just beginning to set flowers so now we sit back and wait and hope that the cages will spill lots of taters when the plants die back in June and we open them up to see.
A big accomplishment for me in the past few weeks was building this gate, I've been planning it for over a year, had all the necessary parts and wood, just had to do it. I took the measurements, figured it all out and built it myself with just a small amount of coaching/advice from the Davo, he helped me set the stone underneath to discourage critters tunneling under it and to hang and set the latch, it's pretty swell looking if I do say so myself, I only have two more to build to complete the garden fence project we started two years ago.

I've planted tomatoes and most of my summer seeds are in, 5 kinds of summer squash, 4 kinds of winter , 5 kinds of beans, 3 kinds of cukes, I just love variety and can't help myself, I'm pondering selling one or two shares in the garden to friends, if you are interested, let me know.
I still need to plant my little eggplants and peppers, the peppers are looking a little weird, kind of curled up on the new leaves like a virus or something? Troubling as they looked fine when I stepped them into larger pots a couple of weeks ago- I'm hoping they'll improve when I set them in the garden this week.
The peonies are opening and the siberian iris are peaking, its pretty fantasic here and I just need to slow down long enough to appreciate it all.

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