Sunday, May 17, 2009

Asparagus out, Sugar Snacks in

The weather is being most capricious, yesterday in the upper 80's and humid to boot, today in the 50's, tonight in the 40's ?! It's May 17th for crying out loud. We might have to turn the heat back on.

The eggplants and peppers are not going to like these chilly nights but there's nothing for it, accept the promise of warmer days to come later in the week.

We're picking the last of the strawberries. And a few shitake mushrooms never hurt to dress up a dish of veggies. We've stopped picking asparagus, because after 6 weeks we were getting sick of eating them, nice problem to have eh? Also the peas are starting to come in.
Today's haul.


Carol Henderson said...

Yummy. That haul. I am so looking forward to my fresh weekly stuff. Oh, I wish I had known theee were a few peas for the picking. Thanks for a lovely evening and Oh those lights. Yes.

Castlemaine Farm said...

sick of asparagus??? so, it DOES happen... :)

Carol Henderson said...

I can not imagine ever getting tired of asparagus.

C. Kay said...

Excellent photos! The previous posting with closeup of peonies is incredibly voluptuous. Peas, strawberries and shitakes are perfectly framed. Nice work! xox

Garden Girl said...

It is possible I'm afraid, to get tired of asparagus, though I felt a bit sad as I put the last bunch of skinny and straggly ones into a pot of my cream of spring green soup yesterday. Wow was it tasty though, essence of spring with peas, asparagus, leeks and spinach yummmmm.

Carol Henderson said...

Cream of spring green soup? Ah, bliss.