Friday, June 1, 2012

Vegetables keep coming, tender and delicious

Kales and cabbage dappled with raindrops

The greens continue to grace our garden and our plates on a daily basis, though their season is coming to a close.  I picked all the spinach last week as it was starting to bolt and I taste the lettuce cautiously before picking, expecting any day it will be turning too bitter to eat.
I tried this new spinach this year called Bordeaux.  Very pretty with the red stems and tender for salads but bolted fast, not a hot weather favorite.

The peas came on heavy for a couple of weeks and are now slowing down, but with a cooler week forecast, perhaps they'll have a renaissance?

Broccoli had to be harvested all at once before bursting into yellow flowers, I was kind of glad I only had 3 plants, that's a lot of broccoli to eat all at once, and there is still some in the fridge.

So the spring garden slowly transitions to summer as these greens fade out and squash, beans, cukes and tomatoes grow rapidly, begin to set flowers and soon will bring a new variety of flavors to our kitchen.

It's good to be alive and a gardener.

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