Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

I always like to welcome the new year with a walk around the land and a visit to some of my favorite places.  I've read, (but can't find the reference), that at this time of year, certain cultures honor the spirits that reside in powerful trees and rocks.  As I've walked the woods the past few weeks I've been connecting with that custom as the tree trunks, roots and rock formations really stand out now that all the leaves are down.
There are certain places that feel very powerful to me and this rock outcrop is one of them.  I like to climb to the top and look down over the creek.  Huge sycamores cling to the far bank, their roots merging with the stones on the edge of the stream.  I took time out yesterday to stroll the creek, visit these special spots and meditate a while at each.  I've even been caught tree-hugging from time to time.  You only need to study the trunks of beech trees to believe that they are endowed with spirits.
Today I celebrated the new year with lots of writing and organizing in my office.  I baked bread and made a brilliant purple pot of borscht using all vegetables we've grown; beets, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, onions and dill.  I wish all my readers a joyous and bountiful 2012.  May we all be healthy and happy.

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