Monday, November 14, 2011

Wired for Sound

 I'm not sure if I've voiced it here, but I have been absolutely on fire lately.  Kind of like that flaming maple leaf up above.  Electric, wired for sound as we used to say.  I could blame it on the moon but I've been this way for over a month now.  I could attribute it to the change in the weather from hot to comfortable, which has me outside more and enjoying the world again, no longer trapped inside an air conditioned house wishing the fall would come.   But more than that, I just think I am finally figuring out what it is I'm supposed to do with the rest of my life and I'm really excited about it.  Ideas are pouring into my psyche almost faster than I can process them. It's a little scary sometimes, and at extreme moments I wonder if I'm suffering from some sort of mania, but all in all, I feel fabulous and fired up about my future and whats to come.

Now this might seem strange in a time when the world is really struggling on many levels.  And until recently I'll admit I was pretty down myself wondering what else could go wrong with the economy, our political system, wars, drought and famine, climate change and all the other problems on the planet.  And it's not that I have stopped worrying about all those things, but some how, I'm feeling better, like there is a shift in the universe, critical mass working towards a revolution that will bring us around before the cataclysm.  Maybe its the Occupy folks and the recognition of the 99%, or the discovery in searching around the web of all kinds of groups and websites dedicated to good news, right and simple living and how we can still save the world and take care of everyone at the same time.

This week I came across the concept of Plenitude Economics or as Tree Hugger defines it: Work Less, Play More and Stop Screwing the Planet .  Hop on over there and watch this 5 minute video based on the book and concepts of Juliet Schor.  The basic premise is that if we all worked a little less, there would be more jobs to go around, we would all be happier and we would have more time to dedicate to our families and friends and to sustainable ways of being, like growing gardens and taking care of our communities and the earth.  Its worth taking a look at.

This video and concept struck a chord with me. Over the past few years I've been able to work part-time, doing work I enjoy and that I find meaningful.  As a result I've  had more time to pay attention to the world around me, to be in my space, spend more time on the vegetable garden, take more walks in the woods.  I enjoy walking out to hang the wash on the line, experiencing the day,  paying attention to the weather.  Before I would have used the dryer because I didn't have time to hang-up the clothes and take them back down, but now, I have the time, and I find enjoyment in the very act of carrying the clothes out and back, feeling the air and sun on my skin, smelling that fresh scent on the sheets when I climb into bed at night.  And I'm saving a few kilowatts off the power bill. 

These are the small and simple things that really make life worth living.  We should all have the opportunity to have these moments. I want to keep having them and figure out how to help other people live freer and more simply too.

PS: I've added a gadget to my home page, over there on the right, where you can put in your e-mail address and you'll get a notice when I've posted to the blog so you don't have to keep checking all the time for something new.  If you're so inclined, check it out and sign up, it's easy to do.  And thanks to all of you that have commented and written about the blog since my plea for feedback a few weeks ago, that has helped me immensely to feel better about moving forward and blogging more.  I appreciate all my readers.  Thanks.

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