Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Clean-up

Stained Glass Dogwood
The power went out this morning just as I was sitting down to write an e-mail to my friends asking them to read my blog and leave me some comments.  So instead, I bundled up and headed out into the chill morning to work on the veggie patch.  I spent 5 hours and made fantastic progress.  I picked the last of the green tomatoes, pulled down the vines, took down the trellis's, the posts, pulled up the landscape fabric, worked up the beds and sowed clover.  I cut back the asparagus and weeded them.  The oxalis had been creeping in all summer from the path.  It will be back, already having gone to seed, but it looks better.  I raked leaves from the pathways and added lots of stuff to the compost pile.  I also squeezed in a load of wash that was almost dry by the time the rain started this afternoon. 
Tidy Garden
Now I'm settled inside and am going to write that e-mail, so if you're reading this, hey, leave me a comment, it helps me know you're out there and liking what you see.  A hot bath is in my future thanks to all the bending, digging and hauling I did today.
Coral bark maple, aglow even in the rain


Anna said...

Love the blog Maria - thanks for sharing that you're also a writer!! This piece reminds me that I need to do some garden work as thinning my seedlings! Do you have any advice about when to thin lettuce seedlings?

Carol Henderson said...

I love that you're taking bath at the end of the weeding, trimming, pulling Maria. Hearing about all that you do in the garden gives me a vicarious thrill. I can live it through you. Thanks for your luscious blog.

Randy Emmitt said...


We did all of that the weekend before this last one. Rest those bones and get a great nights sleep.

Anonymous said...

Glorious weather here in the Smokies has drawn me out to clear weeds, leaves and acorns from my flower beds. My soaking tub with a view is a remarkable way to end a day of bending and stooping.
Glad you are back to blogging. We always enjoy your hard work, from afar.
Come visit our mountain sanctuary
Mary Anne and Sandy

Ingrid said...

Maria, Thanks for sharing through your blog. It's nice to be able to visit NC through your pictures and writing.

Maria Hitt said...

I just cut them with scissors to harvest and they grow back. But you can also thin them anytime and eat the thinnings. See today for more on greens!

Nan said...

I find your blog very inspiring, it's a chronicle of the kind of life I would like to live if my home wasn't on half an acre of complete shade. I love your writing, it is very honest and descriptive, and full of gratitude!