Monday, July 11, 2011

Gertie Pays a Visit

The other day I was sitting at the little table in the shade where I rest between bouts of garden chores.  There I write in my journal, sip a cold drink, relax and take in the view.  I kept hearing a crunching sound coming from the front garden.  I couldn't determine if it was in the trees, perhaps a squirrel or a bird?  Or on the ground, lizard or turtle?  Eventually Gertie showed herself as she crossed the path near where I was sitting and David fetched a blossom end rotted tomato from the garden for her.  She happily chomped away and then headed off to do whatever it is turtles do all day, hunt for slugs and snails I imagine.

It finally rained, hallelujah. We got about 2.5 inches last week- the first rain in about a month.  All the plants seem happy and the grass is growing so I'll have to mow again soon- the only down side to rain that I can figure.  But following the rain are predicted the hottest days we've seen yet, tomorrow is to hit 101 with a heat index of 105- oh mercy.  I'm glad I don't have to be outside much and can hide in the comfort of the AC.

The garden continues to shower us with delicious beans, squash and cukes, the tomatoes are being slow to come on as we got them in late but I think in another week they too will begin to pile up.  I made 3 more quarts of dill pickles yesterday to add to the 3 I made a couple of weeks ago and I think that will be enough for one season.  The blueberries are hitting their stride and we are picking about a pint a day so I'll probably start to freeze some of those soon as well.  There are benefits to summertime in the form of fresh food, I just wish it wasn't quite so hot.

I snapped this photo a week or so ago, we've been enjoying nibbling on these yellow fennel flowers, the bulbs haven't really formed and are tough, but the flowers add a sweet fennel flavor to salads or a breath freshening chew when you pass by out in the garden.  The sunflower is a volunteer. Call me common, but I like the look of the laundry as the back drop.

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Carol Henderson said...

Love turtles and their shells and clothes lines. Nothing like putting my head on a line-dried pillow and inhaling the mix of sweet air, grass, and wind. Ah, sweet dreams and happy snailing, turtle.