Sunday, March 13, 2011

March is almost half over!

Fragrant plum blossoms
We planted two plum trees last spring.  Methley and Ozark Premier.  The Methley is self-pollinating the Ozark needs the premier to cross-pollinate its flowers to make fruit.  I'm not sure which is which, one of those things I meant to write down...  This one is in full bloom, its branches absolutely covered.  The other tree has nary a flower on it, not sure if its light or what, but we hope it gets with the program next season so the two will be able to help each other out and we'll actually get some plums on both.

The weather has been conducive to lots of outdoor activities and garden preparation.  I planted the spring vegetables a couple of weeks ago and the seeds are slowly starting to sprout, now that we are heading towards the full moon, more begin to emerge.  Arugula, as always was the first to sprout, then lettuce, turnips, radishes and kale, now the peas and beets are starting to show too.  I'm still waiting on the carrots, they are always the slowest to germinate.

These cabbages, planted late last fall, wintered over and are really starting to head up now.  They look so jolly out there, like they are wearing bonnets.  We've also been working our way through the flower beds.  It's arduous cleaning out the perennials, cutting them back, fertilizing and weeding, mulching and trimming.  But when its done it looks so very fine and tidy, like a fresh coat of paint or mowing the lawn, a new layer of dark leaf mulch really spruces the place up.  All the young green plants are starting to shoot up, day lilies, columbines, daffodils,  phlox, asters and mums.  The peonies are sending up there sexy red bud tips.  Hostas and ferns are still hiding below, waiting for slightly warmer days before they peek out to find the light.

We'll have to get at least two more truck loads of leaf mulch to finish the job, maybe three.  There are too many flower beds, and plantings around here to keep up with, but we are making progress.

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