Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Planting Time

Crocus- the ultimate harbingers of spring

It's been a ridiculously warm week with day after day in the 70's so I got out and started digging. Planted peas, lettuce, carrots, beets, spinach, chard, radish and arugula. Hopefully they won't all sprout and get frozen right off the bat, but I was feeling hopeful and went ahead on and did it.

The peepers are calling, the birds are singing, the owls are caterwauling at one another in mating dance and the bluebirds are checking out the bird houses, spring must be just around the corner.

This morning I woke early, the just past full moon was shrouded in a milky fog. As I sat at my desk writing, the sky got pink before the sun came up, I turned off my light and watched the color move across the horizon. I saw, then heard, a line of geese, honking and flapping their way to the days work in some nearby field.

These daffodils, the first of the season, popped open yesterday.

This will be my last post for a bit, we head off tomorrow for Florida, to paddle our kayaks amongst the mangroves of the 10,000 islands and gaze across the salt marshes of the Everglades. We hope to see amazing birds and manatees, swim in clear waters and lay our bodies on the warm sand.


Sandra said...

Hi Maria, I am a sister blogger/gardener/writer/etc. who has discovered your blog through your Chapel Hill News column. I am enjoying your columns so much and will relish exploring your blog. If you like, you can see my blog at All good wishes, Sandra Brooks-Mathers

Garden Girl said...

HI Sandra-
Thanks for your commetns and reading the blog, I have checked out your blog and you look very familiar to me, I think we have met before. I look forward to following your posts and hope you will continue to enjoy mine.
thanks again